Insider Info On The Tao Of Badass


The Tao Of Badass: Inside Info

Joshua Pellicer is the author of the Tao of Badass system. He has give advice to thousands of men on relationships and dating. He was even featured on television shows including the Today Show. A feature was printed in the New York Times about this system. Joshua has admitted that he was not born a master of dating but found a way to make women attracted to him.

Joshua learned what works with women and what does not by trial and error. He got rejected many times. His Tao Of Badass course was designed through years of personal experience and research. A man can learn how to attract women within a couple of hours or days depending on much time they spend on the program.

This ebook is the first entire system that is designed how to teach a man ho to attract a woman. There are different levels from learning the basics to more advanced techniques. He will also teach men not only how to turn women on physically but mentally as well. A man will learn all of these techniques step by step on his own time.

Some of the things a man will learn in the Tao of Badass system include:


– How to get in the right state of mind to go up to a woman
– How to become wanted by women
– How to avoid common mistakes men make when they are talking to women
– How to use body language to their advantage
– How to make a woman approach them
– How to understand what the woman is thinking about him
– When to move onto the next women
– 10 ways to tell if a woman is attracted to you
– How to avoid being too nice to hot women
– How to connect with a woman and get her to open up
– All of these plus many more tips

Final Thoughts

It is up to the man to decide if the Tao of Badass is right for him. If he has trouble meeting women or has questions about how to act around them this course can be a big help.