The Science Of Attracting Women


Joshua Pellicer has created a relationship guide that can help any man get and keep his dream girl. Using his vast amount of experience along with his psychology degree, Josh has studied the qualities that attract almost any woman. His advice has been followed by scores of men wanting to attract beautiful and interesting women.

Josh Pellicer’s Tao of Badass

Josh has devised a learning tool that incorporates a core of strong self-confidence with body language that attracts women to nearly any man. His program teaches men how to adjust their body language and appeal to different types of women.

How the Tao of Badass Works

One very important aspect that Josh teaches is confidence, and being confident leads to being comfortable around women. When a man is confident and comfortable, his body language will attract ladies who will then want to learn more about this interesting man.

In the Tao of Badass reviews, Josh teaches men to maintain eye contact in ways that makes women feel good to be around them. His techniques for holding a woman’s interest through her eyes will have her begging for a more intimate connection.

Four Steps for Relationship Success

Josh’s program teaches the four steps of any successful relationship with a woman. These steps begin with building confidence, then lead to gaining a woman’s trust, attracting her with your body language, and finally getting her to your place for some romantic fun.

Review of the Tao of Badass

The tips in Josh’s Tao of Badass may not be new to some men, but they are easy to understand, interesting lessons that motivate men to learn more about attraction. While these tips work for dating, they can transition to success in other areas of life, such as career and everyday interactions.