Pros And Cons Of The Tao Program


There are several advantages and disadvantages to the guide The Tao of Badass. After reading the guide and several reviews I have come up with a list of pros and cons concerning the guide. First I think it is important to look at the pros and advantages of reading this guide.


The Tao Of Badass is full of useful tips on how guys can develop and maintain successful relationships with females. The biggest plus of the guide is that almost every question you might have about dating a girl is answered. Joshua covers every topic from getting a girl to go on a date with you, to getting a girl into bed. Overall, this guide is perfect for helping you to enhance your dating life as well as your personal life.

All of the tips that Joshua offers are realistic. This is another reason why the guide is so helpful. For example, Joshua goes into depth about the emotional and psychological reasons that guys have a difficult time talking to and relating to girls as opposed to their guy friends.

This guide is not only helpful in dating, but it can be a real asset in other areas of your life. By learning how to be confident in dating, you can learn skills that will benefit you in your career and lifelong plans. By studying Joshua’s books, you might just be able to land that job that you have always wanted but did not think was attainable.


While there are many advantages to Joshua’s guide, there are also a few disadvantages. For example, there are just some girls that no matter what you do, getting them to go out with you is pretty much impossible. This mostly applies to girls who are incredibly shy and socially awkward.

The other problem with the guide is that there are no visual instructions. The guide is presented in PDF format and at this time there are not many videos, pictures, or audio to accompany the guide. There are a few videos in the members area which you can access after purchasing the guide. Other than that, the guide is well worth getting a hold of if you want to improve your dating life.