Is Joshua Pellicer A Scam Artist?

Josh Pellicer is with out a doubt the REAL DEAL! Josh first burst onto the pick up artist download (13)scene in early 2010 with his debut of his radio show “Game On!.” Game on features men calling from across North America to get Josh’s advice on dating and joshua-pellicerpick up techniques. The show had a slow start but picked up major momentum later in 2011.

With his radio show a hit, he began creating a guide for the average guy to master the techniques of approaching women. Tao of Badass was born!

In The Tao Of Badass there’s a chapter on how to read women so you know what to look for in order to figure out if she’s really interested in you or not. Guys just never seem to get that part right. Probably because no one ever taught them what to look for.

The Tao of Badass does a great job with that. I met a guy who should have memorized this chapter!

A glimpse into the book

This book is easy to read and understand. Unlike others of the kind, it talks of a wide range of topics. The topics are divided into small parts so that the readers are able to grasp what the writer is trying to say. Following are some of the points, it contains:

Joshua Pellicer applies a unique approach to dating and attracting women, summarized in his bestselling dating guide. Joshua Pellicer advocates the following ideas when approaching women:

When you watch the introductory video on The Tao Of Badass you might get the impression that you’re gonna be turned into a babe magnet with the ability to screw several chicks at once.

This is NOT like the other simplistic and stupid little e-books about body language, which give you the idea that if you do a certain thing with a woman you can manipulate her into your bedroom.

The tao of badass is a complete dating system that was “forged” by lots of test, tweaks and experiments by Josh. The whole training guide consists of one main pdf which is more then 130 pages long braked into several chapters. The system also comes with audio file per chapter where Joshua will show you examples and hints for better understanding the system and how woman’s brain and logic works so you can subconsciously “HI-JACK” their minds by pulling the “right woman triggers” so she can automatically see you as the UNIQUE guy which she wants to have fun with.