Dating Advice And Tips For Men


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Joshua Pellicer is a writer who understands the importance of reading the body language of women when trying to establish a friendship. For this reason, he advises youngsters against moves which may adversely affect your efforts in this direction. He also offers guidelines on how to respond to rejection and ways to avoid it. This book uses real-life situations to guide and inspire youngsters on dating effectively; it is sure to alleviate all your concerns in this regard.

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Mr. Pellicer claims he has studied, tested, and made available an “attraction blueprint” which is like a road map that men can follow without fail, so they’re not lost along the seduction process. With this, you always know where you stand, and how to behave.

By making touch platonic at first, things can quickly escalate into sexual contact if one makes sure to keep touch consistent but not overbearing. One shouldn’t just ram their hand into a pretty girl’s cleavage on the sidewalk to establish friendly feelings, but instead, a tap on the shoulder or pat on arm can resonate very loudly on their own.